Goodbye WWE!

This past Friday I said my goodbyes to WWE. It’s been an amazing place to spend the last (almost) 12 years and I’ve been lucky to work with so many incredible people. Thanks for all the memories!

John Watkiss

For the next two weeks I’ll be on vacation with my family in Greece! I have five brothers and sisters so it took some time to coordinate our schedules and plan a trip this size, but it all worked out – yesterday morning, after a nine-hour flight, we landed in Athens. Very exciting! To get … More John Watkiss


The Batman

I hadn’t bothered to keep up with all the superhero movies released the past decade – there got to be so many I missed that I couldn’t understand the storyline when I finally did catch one, so I just shrugged and stopped trying. In the case of Batman specifically, I considered Christopher Nolan’s trilogy the definitive … More The Batman

Jimi Hendrix

Here’s another drawing from my college days, done in graphite pencil. In our illustration class we’d always have some music playing in the background as we drew, especially Jimi Hendrix – there’s no better way to work! This was based on a famous photo of the artist and took several hours to complete. Maybe next … More Jimi Hendrix

Charcoal Drawing

“Nude Woman,” charcoal, 2010. This was from the first life drawing session I’d ever had to handle on my own. I arranged the whole setup, from the lighting to sheets to props, and discussed a brief set of poses with the model (all while trying to act natural and pretending like I’d done this a … More Charcoal Drawing