Mixtape Italiano

I thought I’d do something a little different for this month’s blog post. A couple summers ago I began learning Italian on my own, trying to prepare for a family trip to Venice, Florence, and Rome. The trip was unforgettable, and although I managed with my broken Italian I decided that when I returned for a future visit I’d like to be more fluent. So I kept up with it!

I bought some course books, did daily lessons, and practiced constantly with the Duolingo app, but what really began to make the language “stick” was immersing myself in Italian film, television, and music. It was pretty fun listening to Italian radio and discovering so many new bands, so I thought others might enjoy it too.

Here’s a short summer playlist of some songs I’ve been listening to lately, a mix of pop, hip-hop, classics, and alternative rock. Hope you find some you like, and “grazie di aver letto!”

“Riccione” by Thegiornalisti

“Cabriolet Panorama” by The Kolors

“Famoso” by Sfera Ebbasta

“Good Times” by Ghali

“La Tenerezza” by LE ORE

“Dorado” by Mahmood, Sfera Ebbasta, Feid

“Ceali” by The Last Confidence

“Una Canzone Arresa” by Marlene Kuntz

“Altalene” by Cara Calma

“La Guerra è Finita” by Baustelle

“Domenica” by Chiamamifaro

“Un Romantico a Milano” by Baustelle

“Il Tuo Amore” by Bruno Lauzi


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