WWE Halloween Ads

Here’s a series of “Make it a WWE Halloween” ads I created at work this month, featuring WWE Superstars John Cena, Alexa Bliss, and Roman Reigns. I always enjoy Halloween season at my job since I can get a little more creative with the projects, and this concept in particular presented a welcome challenge. What better way to showcase costume apparel than to show it modeled, but without the distraction of a physical model in the shot!

To create this ghost or Invisible Man effect, in Photoshop I first selected all the heads and arms from each talent and cut them from the original photo. I then used a combination of paintbrushes and textures to recreate the backs of the apparel (shirt collars, inside of hats, inside of sleeves, etc.) previously hidden by skin. Once that was done, I put the skin selections back in, but much less opaque and with a grayish blue tinge. After that I added some wisps of smoke, fading some edges, and had fun with the the spooky background.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the results considering the time crunch and quick turnaround needed. I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes, and Happy Halloween!

John Cena
Alexa Bliss
Roman Reigns

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