John Watkiss

For the next two weeks I’ll be on vacation with my family in Greece! I have five brothers and sisters so it took some time to coordinate our schedules and plan a trip this size, but it all worked out – yesterday morning, after a nine-hour flight, we landed in Athens. Very exciting! To get … More John Watkiss

The Batman

I hadn’t bothered to keep up with all the superhero movies released the past decade – there got to be so many I missed that I couldn’t understand the storyline when I finally did catch one, so I just shrugged and stopped trying. In the case of Batman specifically, I considered Christopher Nolan’s trilogy the definitive … More The Batman

Ismail Shammout

Ismail Shammout was a Palestinian artist born in the town of Lydda (later renamed Lod) in 1930. To quote from an excellent review of his work at Howling Infinite, “His Palestine is a timeless, almost dreamlike place … there are scenes of harvest time and the gathering of the fruits of the fields and the … More Ismail Shammout