Goodbye WWE!

This past Friday I said my goodbyes to WWE. It’s been an amazing place to spend the last (almost) 12 years and I’ve been lucky to work with so many incredible people. Thanks for all the memories!

Jimi Hendrix

Here’s another drawing from my college days, done in graphite pencil. In our illustration class we’d always have some music playing in the background as we drew, especially Jimi Hendrix – there’s no better way to work! This was based on a famous photo of the artist and took several hours to complete. Maybe next … More Jimi Hendrix

Charcoal Drawing

“Nude Woman,” charcoal, 2010. This was from the first life drawing session I’d ever had to handle on my own. I arranged the whole setup, from the lighting to sheets to props, and discussed a brief set of poses with the model (all while trying to act natural and pretending like I’d done this a … More Charcoal Drawing

WWE Halloween Ads

Here’s a series of “Make it a WWE Halloween” ads I created at work this month, featuring WWE Superstars John Cena, Alexa Bliss, and Roman Reigns. I always enjoy Halloween season at my job since I can get a little more creative with the projects, and this concept in particular presented a welcome challenge. What … More WWE Halloween Ads

Ambrose Asylum

A few years ago I created some skateboard art for WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. A lot of prep goes into these projects which usually goes unseen, so I thought I’d show a rare peek into the process. Here’s a little collection of thumbnail doodles and rough sketches which led to the final illustration. Hope you … More Ambrose Asylum

Happy Halloween!

October was a busy month so unfortunately I didn’t have much time to join the annual Inktober drawing challenge. But I thought I had to post at least ONE, so tonight I buckled down and created the little guy you see below. Although I finished a few minutes after midnight, it’s still Inktober on the … More Happy Halloween!

Darth Maul

Happy Star Wars Day everyone! You can knock the prequels all you want, but Darth Maul is the coolest character in the whole franchise. Had to draw him today. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

Annihilation Film Poster

I loved Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach books and decided to commemorate the release of Annihilation with a tribute poster. The story follows a team of scientists exploring a strange, foreboding wilderness that previous expeditions never returned from – a great blend of sci-fi, horror, and mystery. The film differs from the book (and doesn’t spoil … More Annihilation Film Poster


Ellen Ripley of the Alien franchise – greatest movie heroine of all time? I drew this for fun, celebrating the release of Alien: Covenant. Alternate color scheme: