Mortal Kombat by Gian Galang

I had a little double feature of the Mortal Kombat movies this weekend, both the 1995 original and the 2021 remake just released on HBO Max. Made for a pretty fun Friday night!

While it was great to see the story brought to life with modern special effects, I still think the original better embodies the spirit of the video game overall. Maybe I’m just tired of seeing the Marvel-ization of yet another franchise stocked with the same formulaic plot devices, but I also think some of the energy and insanity of the original was lost. At times it even seemed…slow? For a Mortal Kombat movie??!

Anyways it was still a good time, and I figured it was a great chance to highlight some Mortal Kombat art from Gian Galang, an artist whose work is never lacking in energy and who I think expertly captures the raw excitement of the franchise, as well as those many afternoons spent frantically mashing buttons until hearing, in a frenzy of triumph, those two booming words: FINISH HIM.

Plastic Cell x Mortal Kombat box art by Gian Galang

For more of Gian Galang’s work, check out his website: or follow him on Instagram:

Plastic Cell x Mortal Kombat:


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