John Watkiss

For the next two weeks I’ll be on vacation with my family in Greece! I have five brothers and sisters so it took some time to coordinate our schedules and plan a trip this size, but it all worked out – yesterday morning, after a nine-hour flight, we landed in Athens. Very exciting!

To get in the mood for this trip I read a couple books on ancient Greek mythology and history and checked my swipe collection for related artwork – I’ve saved so much over the years I’d forgotten what I had. Greece has inspired artists for thousands of years so there was so much available, and I enjoyed a relaxing few hours browsing paintings from classical artists like William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and John William Godward.

What really caught my eye however were a small series of illustrations by contemporary painter and comics artist John Watkiss. His women reminded me of muses or nymphs from the Greek mythology books I read, posed amid dreamy, forested backgrounds. Enjoy, and I’ll post again soon!


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